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Mithila Bihari MishraIt gives us immense pleasure and a sense of pride to be a part of the noble mission of imparting quality education to children from all sessions of society without prejudice and without discrimination of any kind.
Education is essential part of everyone"s life . Wiothout education human beings can not surive even a moment. Education is a divine act. Now a days, the goverment is also trying to educate the people but the governmentv is not providing the quality education. The Delhi Public School is providing a quality education in metropolitan citiesv from a long time. These days delhi public school has enhanced its many branches in rural areas also to provide excellent education for all in the same name and style of quality Education Delhi Public School Pupri is Trying . The weaker section of the soiiety canb not provide thir children a quailty education in the metropolitan areas. In this circumstances, The Delhi Public School puri has arranged the aducation in a normal way , For the weaker section of the society in rural areas.In this circumstances,the delhi public schol pupri has Rranged the education in a normal way,for the weaker section of the society in rural aresa. The Delhi Public School is one of them.The Director of delhi public schhol pupri Dr. R.H. Ujala who is firstly a nice gentleman and graet educationist,has arranged the branch of the Delhi Public School pupri.The Delhi Public School Pupri is producating a quality and excllent education at pupri through it was established on 16 April 2012 but the performance of the school is best among all public school of the district.The guardians of the students are fully satisfied from the performance of their war.I am aslo satisfied with the views of guardains.The Delhi Public School is the pride of Pupri

Mithila Bihari Mishra
M.A Double(Political Science & History) and LLB
Advocate, Sub Divisional Court,Pupri


(A Quality Education)

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