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Tsering Dhondup DongsaraEducation is a soul searching excercise,committed toward excellence our mission is to open the door to our children throught high qualoty education product & facility that make learing interesting, exciting, interactive 7 fun for children. Our aim is to make Delhi Public School Pupri an idea, unique & progressive institution to product a complete human Personality who will serve the challange honestly and can face the challange of the competitive world. We honeslty adhere to the belief that early childhood should be period for the child to indulge in the maximum number of recreation and pleasurable activities.However in today's extremely competitive scenario these very percious years too need guidance in term of letting the child develop a perception and inculcate basic behavioral skills.

We provide a constructive and organized learing enviroment where the child is to introduced to indispensable learning methods such as self-exploration and realization.There is a very basic ideology to this approach. We want to stimulate the young mind so that they become more receptive to the concept of education and soaking up knowledge, preparing them for more conventional and extremely competitive mode of education that lies ahead.

"We know the values of your children"
Deputy Director(Principle)
M.Sc(Triple), B.Ed., Ph.d


(A Quality Education)

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