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It is vital in today world to conceive of education in a more encompassing fashion than to cling on to the tradition and orthodox view that it is formal system which tends to emphaize on the acquistion of knowledge
Education throughout life is based on four pillars:
1.Learing to know i.e. learing system shoud be based on life experience.
2 Learing to do i.e. application to knowledge should be scientific and constructive.
3.Learing to live inculcation values to be tolerant to opinion and faith and to live in harmony.
4.Learing to i.e. to developed ones persomality and to be able to act with even greater autonomy, judgment and personal responsiblibity. Thus in an incresingly dysfuncational world where values are disppearing at an amazingly, integrity, courage, loyality, tollerance, discipline, obedience, honesty, truthfulness, compassion as the building blocks for a stable society.

We donot seek to teach these values but to organize the school and so conduct ourselves that our children will see examples we are giving come bit by to prize and apply these values themselves

In short we radiate an atmosphere thats values achievement

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